Dress Code

Kicks Club wants everyone to feel welcome. While we understand that you may feel more comfortable wearing certain clothes, we do require you to abide by our dress code. Please read the following list before you visit us.

Country Clothing

1. No gang attire of any kind.
2. No sports jerseys.
3. No saggy/baggy pants, no boxers showing, or "plumber" butt.
4. People in a group wearing the same type of clothing will not be allowed to enter (same color shirts, shoes, pants, etc.).
5. Body shirts and tank tops must have a strap of at least one inch or wider, and high cut under the arm. No T-straps or skimpy styles.
6. No bathing suit tops or spaghetti strap, string bikini tie type tops unless covered by an over shirt.
7. No white T-shirts of any kind: tank top or T-shirt style.
8. Gang signs, offensive language, or attitudes of any kind will not be tolerated!
9. No half shirts on men. No visors, doo-rags, or sweatbands. Caps must be worn forward. Ball caps or cowboy hats only!
10. No cut off shorts or shirts (must have sewn seams). 
11. No visible thongs or lingerie.
12. No arm wrestling, horseplay, inappropriate touching, neck holds, beer poppin'/slamming, cake or popcorn fights.
13. No knives of any kind: pocket, belt, etc.

Additional Policy Information

Kicks reserves the right to change this policy as we deem necessary. Decisions concerning appropriate attire are based on the above criteria and our judgement. Any changes to this policy are effective immediately whether written or expressed by management.